Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Big Break

Why culinary school? Well, quite simply, I wanted to cook and cook well. Better than the run-of-the-mill "foodies" (more on these types later). More knowledgeable than your everyday home cook.

My food theory class was taught by none other than a famous "grill guy" on TV. During one of his lectures, he tossed about the idea that for those serious about cooking.. i mean, really serious, about a career in the restaurant business, that it would be worthwhile to first stage at a restaurant to get a reality check. For those who aren't familiar, a stage is simply industry terminology for "free labour". In return, you obtain an  unimaginable first-hand experience into the working profession.

So over the next couple of lectures, and during my days working as a marketing profession, I started to really give this serious consideration. After all, what would I have to lose? I decided to give it a shot. The restaurant: Colborne Lane in downtown Toronto ( During its prime, various magazines had voted it as one of the most exciting new restaurants in the world. Toronto Life also awarded Colborne Lane with four stars. It almost never happens.

A phone call, and several emails later, I was in. I could not believe at the time that someone with no industry experience, could obtain such a glorious opportunity to experience, and to learn. This would later change any perceptions I had of the industry and everyone in it.

The following Saturday I would subsequently circle on my calendar.

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